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I first discovered and purchased your product at a vendor show at Rutgers Prep.
  Your product is amazing. My whole family uses it for different reasons. I'm 42 and I use it because it make my skin (face and body) look and feel younger. The 100% shea really does heal cracked heel and chapped hands.
  My 11 year old uses it for her exema. It's a miracle cure. She has a mild case of exema on her face and arms. Topical steroids have been suggested and are usually used to just treat the symptoms...but you never want to use them on your face. Shea butter is so mild and good for your skin that it can be applied often. Her exema clears up within 2 days of use.
  My 17 yr. old daughter swears by it. She has dry skin and this is the only moisturizer she'll use. She never breaks out from it. Her skin is beautiful. Her friends in high school even discuss how great her skin looks.
  Recently we spent time in Mexico and my two girls and I got a bit burned. We used SPF but still got pretty red in spots. My little one got some sun-poisoning on her chest and shoulders. Thank goodness I brought the shea butter. It healed the burn and the sun poisoning within 24 hours. I've never seen anything work so fast.
  I just have to say again that Joenana's shea butter is amazing!!
  Thanks!! Jane

Jane C.

I love your Shea Butter Cream. I developed a skin sensitivity a couple of years ago, and your Shea Butter Cream is the only moisturizer I have found that I can use on my face. But more than that, it is the most wonderful moisturizer I've ever used for the entire body. It feels like whipped cream and makes my skin feel fantastic. My dry skin is gone, all day, even in the middle of winter. It's a miracle cream! Thank you so much.


Dear Nana,

I purchased your products at the YWCA craft fair this year and am delighted with them!

Now I would like to order a jar of the 100% Shea Butter for my mother - she tried it during Christmas and it helped heal her cracked fingerfips.

How may I order?

Many thanks,

P. Orendorf

I have been using organic creams and lotions for 5 years...everything from Hyaluronic Acid to Rose hip oil...I put your Shea butter on this morning here's what I have found...

a)There is an immediate response with toning and tightening of the skin. -I feel like I've had a face lift! 

 b) There is an immediate decrease in visible lines and wrinkles.

c) There is no residue on the skin- Like it's not even there! 

d) After less than 1/2 hr suppleness and softness returns to the skin. - just like a baby's butt or as close as I'll ever get again!

e) The fragrance is light and not over powering.

f) Very little of the product has to be used. - Always good for the cost conscious buyer...not so good for the producer!



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