About Us:


*  We are a team of professional scientists and business individuals.


   “Sankofa”, our business logo, best explains our business philosophy.



   Sankofa means to learn from history or to look back to the past for

   answers to resolve tomorrow’s problems. Our mission is to use

   modern scientific methods to improve renowned ancient African

   natural products and make them available to everyone.


* Our products are of top quality and contain exceptionally high

   concentration of Shea Butter. Hence, a small amount goes a long

   way offering you value and quality.


* We assist hard-working African women by offering financial capital,

   tools, better pricing and ready market for their products, to enable

   them to fully support themselves from their craft. In return, we

   receive consistent quality products and pass them to you.


JoeNana-Your destination to the most beautiful skin!


Join Us:

We currently have sales positions for every distribution channel.

You can join us as a:

Wholesale distributor, and sell bulk quantities to retailers or as

Retailer, and sell to Customers in your shop, at Home Parties

or just sell to Friends and Family by directing them to purchase

from our internet site for a commission.

There are no minimum sales or time requirements.

Your sale target and work hours are your own. 

You only need to purchase the minimum quantity 

to qualify for distributor status.


Contact Us:

Email: joenana.shea@gmail.com

Phone: 908-240-5021

Address:  P.O. Box 432                                                 

             Rocky Hill,

             New Jersey